Paid entrance to the festival on a Friday-Saturday-Sunday.
Entrance fee: 20 USD (and in the opening day - 50 UAH).
Entry to the one-off.
On the other days of the week - free admission. Admission ticket allows you to visit the entire territory of the festival and free events. On most productions the theater program, as well as some concerts and events of classical music entrance fee. However, the? If the visitor buys entry to any of the paid services, it automatically allows you to enter the territory and do not need to buy a separate ticket. You can buy tickets here or at the entrance of the festival project will bring the BOOK! - Public Library GOGOLFEST
Bring a book! One that inspires you, so you want to share it with others. The one that helped you and you want to help others! Whether poetry or scientific tracts, or philosophical reflection, or detectives, or a business book - all at the library GogolFest!

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